I just upgraded my whole system. New motherboard, hard drive, cpu, heatsink, ram, and video card. i was able to get through the vista install quite roughly, but whenever I boot up my computer it restarts after about 2 minutes. I was wondering if it was a power supply failure because I'm connecting a 20-pin connector into a 24-pin slot, or if that doesn't mattter? I'm also getting a CMOS checksum failure when i boot the system, also saying that overclocking failed, but everytime I try to change the setting, it reverts back to the defaults. Thanks.

ASUS A8S-X Motherboard
AMD Athlon 64 2.4ghz
ATI Radeon X1300 512mb DDR2
1gb ddr ram
300 gb hd

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sounds like you need a 24 pin PSU - could be overheating thats causing the reboots too - or a bad driver in vista?


Depending on what PSU you using you might be able to get a 4 pin adaptor for the missing 4 out of your 24.

If not best thing to do is upgrade your PSU, I recommend a Hiper Type-r 580W Fantastic PSU and looks awesome too.


You not only need a PSU with a 24 pin connector, you are going to also need one that has the 12V 4pin connector for the CPU. If you look at your motherboard there is a square four pin connector just off of the corner of the PCU. Not having the proper PSU connections could also explain why you are having problems.

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