Here is the lowdown. Today, at random, my PC quit booting all the way. It does turn on, run through the BIOS, etc. But after the "Windows XP" boot screen comes up, the monitor goes black, it is still receiving a signal, but it is black. I am able to boot in safe mode, which is how I am contacting you now. Now, I am certain I would have been able to solve this problem myself if any indication as to what was wrong was apparent, but as of now, there is nothing.

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Do you have onboard graphics? or a graphics card in the AGP slot or PCI slot.

I would remove the card from the computer and put it in again making sure it is properly secure. If the same problem occurs replace it , or test it in another machine if you can.

See http://www.daniweb.com/techtalkforums/thread61251.html

Problem was solved here and it sounds like you have the same


I solved my problem rather quickly on my own. All I did was use my Windows XP recovery CD and ran the repair program. From there I simply replaced the boot sector.

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