I first had this problem when I installed a new game: rome total war. it installed fine then wen playin the pc just turned itself off. I was going to reinstall windows anyway so I started to do that. booted the machine from the cd rom an started to install, then it turned itself off just b4 the the option to install windows xp. so I ran the hard drive as a slave off another hard drive and the pc worked fine I did a format on the hard drive I needed to install windows. then booted the machine with the clean hard drive and started t install windows but the machine turned off again.

the mobo also has a 24pin power connecter and I'm using a 20pin connecter from the psu. the machine has been running fine like this but am gona change psu soon.
any more info needed just ask.

any ideas?


3.4ghz duel core pentium D
1gb ram
250gb hd
asus p5vd2 mobo
jeantech 400w psu

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Usually a rebooting system means a bad Power supply.

yeah either a bad/wrong number of pins psu or the pc might be overheating

yeah either a bad/wrong number of pins psu or the pc might be overheating

thanks for the replys, I'm pretty sure my components arnt over heating. I have a good heatsink an fan for my cpu an I don't tink its memory related as u usaully would receive error reports if that was the case.

the thing that I don't get is that I ran all the hardware using a different hard drive with xp already on it and it ran fine. so I don't think it could be the psu. I tink I'm goin to look for a utility which does an unconditional formatof the blank harddrive and try that.

any other ideas?


Hello there, I also have the same problem. Sometimes when I turn on my computer it turns off by its self. the 1st time was on the booting menu of Windows XP and the 2nd on the desktop.
Also once when I was using my computer, a blue bios screen came and there was a message that says to restart the pc. Also none of these problems happend before I got the game GTA IV
my pc specs:
CPU: AMD Athlon X2 Dual Core 4200+ 2.21 GHz
Graphic Card: Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT DDR2 1Gb
HDD: 2 Samsung (160 GB) and (260)
PSU: Sweex 650w (Gold Plated)
Mainboard: Gigabyte GA-M55SLI-S4

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