Well, I am a gamer. A few months ago I would get "random" BSOD, while playing Starcraft. By random I mean it would not always occur from the same action. Eventually it started saying that I needed to manually de-accelerate my grafix card, by submitting my error report. My dad told me to remove one of my ram sticks, and see if it would boot. Removal of one of the sticks resulted in a non-operating PC. So... I found my bad stick. This also had happen one more time before this date. Now I am getting the "random" BSOD again. It is telling me to de-accelerate my grafix card. So I atepmetd the test that I ran before and I get the BSOD on both sticks. I started to google around and I found that Microsoft offers a free memory testing program. I ran the test for about 14 hours, and it came up negative. I am now asking you guys what the characteristics of two bad sticks of ram in one PC. IF its posible to have bad ram and not have it show up on a memory test.

Some more info:
The program that I am running while I get the BSOD, is: World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusades. I also formated my computer, yet the BSOD continue with the same error code. The most common cos of the crash is "kmixer.sys". A few times I got a BSOD, that contained no errors. I am using Kingston ram, and I am a laptop user. Also is there a chance that this could be cused by a faltie Mother Board or prosseser?

google this > kmixer.sys