Can someone tell me how to partition the hard disk into two pardtitions. My laptop came with the Operating system already installed. Can you guys rescue me with the steps.

Windows xp sp2
HP 510 Laptop.

Partitioning is best done BEFORE installing any OS or at the time the (XP) OS is being installed. XP "may" allow you to do so after the fact, if it does, understand that results vary. From your Menu open "Help and Support" and do a search on "Partions" and related subjects. DON'T do anything unless you're certain of the outcome. In any case and as a last resort be prepared for a COMPLETE re-install of the OS.

You can also use a utility like Acronis Disk Director, This link will take you to a site that will offer several free options.

Before you do anything back up your files as things can go wrong and you could loose them.

Being prepared is your best protection, make sure to read and understand the instructions.