No, its bad! I solved it by replacing it.

Check the laptop heat problem, the CPU could be overheated so the laptop shut down itself.

Make sure the heaksink or the air vent is not clouded by the dust and use some temperature app to monitor the system temp.

Hope this helps!

Hi PcTestCard, if you read the previous post on the third page, the poster, wonkxags have solved it by replacing it. So i guess its solved. But thanks for the advice:)

i got the same problem too. the problem is not over heating as i work with computers i have checked the heat sink and its fine. it has no problems. i run mine with out a battery and just use the power to it and it still does the same thing, and the jack is also fine. i have tested the power block however and it seams to be giving 19.30v and sometimes 19.23v with load. the .30 and .23 to the 19.30 likes to jump all over and so what i am thinking is the power supply is dying as it should not jump around, if it gets to low like say 19.19 or 19.15 the computer would not be getting full amount of power and will shut down. my laptop takes 19v 6.4amps so the power on the tester should be at least 19.50 to 19.60. so it is most likely the power block.

Hey ,

Greetings from Belfast

Anything in particular I should be paying attention to?

Hey ,

Greetings from Belfast

Anything in particular I should be paying attention to?

mail for someone you don't know

You're motherboard is probably you're problem I would take your laptop apart and remove you're fan, heatsink, and make sure you clean the parts with airduster and clean the old grease off the cpu now apply new grease on the cpu put it all back together the same way you take it apart and see if that don't fix your problem

Got the same problem...constant power-cycling. So I opened up my laptop. Cleaned the fan and replaced the thermal paste on the CPU chip and Nvidia chip....and still the same problem! I even reformatted the laptop to its factory default settings...and STILL THE SAME PROBLEM. So it might not be a heating issue. Power supply...maybe.

If anyone fixed this by replacing their AC Adapter, please let me know! No sense in buying a new one unless it fixes the problem.

a faulty cpu or video chip will still over heat even with new past and a cleaning


Thanks for your input. Looks like a lost cause. So I just packed it up today and put it in my basement. Don't have the heart to trash it. I went around the world with that thing. RIP Toshiba P15-S479 lol

I was told if you run a laptop of the adaptor without a battery, you fry the components.

I was told if you run a laptop of the adapter without a battery, you fry the components.

so,who told you that a battery salesman

I was told if you run a laptop of the adaptor without a battery, you fry the components.

After my battery completely died, I ran my old laptop off the adapter for another 5 yrs. If you meant running it off the adapter while the battery is removed, then I wouldn't know. Using a laptop with a big square hole in the bottom doesn't sound smart to me.

Could be the driver! If it is ATI, and have other problem like some slightly faulty video chip plus a dusty stuffy CPU fan! My story is the following: Had and still have the HP Compaq 6715s, running Win XP Pro. It started overheating for some good time, and then started randomly shutting down. Now I thought it died as the fan died. So I was to trash it! (how stupid!) Bought a new HP laptop for 350 pounds. Now after using the new one for some months, my apt-mate advised me to clean the old one's fan with Airduster (costs 15 pounds here). Did it, so cleaned the old HP Compaq, but the random shutdown kept occurring. So I deleted the WIN xp, the hard drive, put a new XP, (and all this time fan was fine, not overheating). So far so good. When I installled Win XP - no problems, but when I put the drivers - all the drivers, the random powerout kept occurring. Restarted in Safe mode - No more! So it meant I was having problem with some faulty bridge/videochip or some other part of the motherboard not quite well functioning - simply because the ATI is famous for misfunctioning. So what I did was went on to the official US HP website, and - VIOLLA! there is a new driver for my old HP Compaq 6715s running XP - from 2010, installed it - and during that - it said in the pre-install window that it has a fix for " fixing a lock up and random power/blue screen" - so it was that! Now I have 2 working laptops!!!

hp 530 - ive always had a depleting battery, but it always worked fine when i had it plugged in. its not until recently, i am performing live (dj) and it shuts off. luckily someone was nearby to the cord everytime so i can say they must have tripped on it or something. then...i am using my laptop at home a few days later (today) and it starts to shut off a lie more frequent than ever. another note: when live, or here at home, i would plug it in to a different outlet and it worked fine after a few seconds. but now....the charging indicator doesnt even bother xoming on when i plug it in. i remembered i could use,my laptop if it was plugged in, but the light indicator flashes like a really fast srrobe light. making me think the charger is faulty. also, when i connect it with the battery in, it makes a clicking sound come out the speakers. same goes when i have it plugged in without the battery but a little louder.

replacing the battery is sort of costly for this. and i dont awant to buy anything til im sure i know exactly what is wrong. i had also just boyght two 1gb ram sticks from a little while back so i dont think its that.

My computer is a HP dv7-1135nr. It seems to run fine on the adapter without the battery but when I leave the battery in and it is charged to 100% it just keeps charging and the cpu goes up to 85 it shuts off. I can turn it back on without the battery and it seems to be fine but the cpu soes not go back down. I have replaced the battery and adapter recently. what does anyone think?

I recently had the same problem of my laptop switching off randomly, it did not shut down, just switched off.
Also fan blowing furiously.
I ran my microsoft security essentials and nothing, i then out of frustration tried my free version
AntiMalware Bytes software (2009) and boy, trojans came up, deleted them, then downloaded latest version,
and another trojan found with that, deleted it. Now i have no problems with laptop switching off, also no more fan blowing like it did.
So check that you do not have trojans!!!

my toshiba laptop a-205 shuts down after 5-10 min when the charger is plugged in and it also makes some type of very low noise

I have repaired at least 5 of these toshiba laptop computers just by resoldering the positive terminal of the power jack located on the motherboard. You have to totally remove the motherboard to do the soldering. A good check to see if this is your problem is to remove the battery then plug the power charger only to the laptop to see if it will power up ok. It should power up with the charger only, if not the positive terminal is loose and needs to be resoldered.

i had the same problem. i opened my laptop and found that cpu fan was not working and there was a lot of dirt i removed it and then tried switching on but it wont boot and screen was off. so i removed one ram module from it and it started running v fine now. no probs till now.

Im not sure if this has already been said but the problem may be overheating try cleaning or replacing the fans.

If this has already been said please credit the person who posted it before me.

what is the ram memory you have ? also did u changed that small battery inside the CPU recently

My toshiba satellite A300 is having the same problem. I have tried everything down to reformatting and reinstalling the operating system. I have taken the battery out and am running it solely from the power cord but it continues to shut off randomly.

Have had the same problem with an old Toshiba Satellite A30-554. First, I have tought it should be some overheated component. But the fans and cooler were clean enough and also the thermal paste between CPU and cooler was "wet and sticky". After reading the whole thread here, I decided to resolder the postive (central) terminal of the power jack on the MoBo and it helped! Thanks alot to those who have shared this solution!

The only issue to this problem is the Battery, if the battery of a Laptop is not functioning properly then this kind of thing happens most of the time.
Get a Brand new Battery for the Laptop.

I havve a Samsung for about 1 year and 2 month. With no worning started to shut down and power off randomly. I checked the RAM, the HDD, baterry, charger, I cleaned cooling system, I changed thermal paste but lately the laptop is totaly unresponsive to power button, starting and stoping randomly.
Sometime shut down after 1 second some time after 5 minutes the time is working is randomly but aleais stop before i check, i download or do something else. It is stopping beffore i finish no matter what I try.
Thank you!

hira08 is spot on, I have just been thru everything written here(except re-soldering + terminal) if I ran it via charger only (without the battery installed) it worked perfectly, as soon as I put the battery in with or without charger connected it would randomly shut down & was unresponsive to the power button, I would have to remove the battery to get it to re-boot. Bought a new after-market battery & has been 100% since. Oh laptop is a Toshiba Tecra.
P.S I ran it via charger without battery installed, didn't fry anything, optimal power is 11v charger is 15v, I guess they were made with overpower protection.

you could check this small round bettery, which is the same for all laptops. At least, this helped in my case)

The problem is not about sofware or operating system. Because I use both windows and linux. In both operating systems my laptop shut down itself about %40 of charge.I still have warranty. I hope they will accept for repair.

i have a dell inspiron m5010 laptop it shuts down when ever it wants to even during a OS install or at the bios screen. it did have the 7 beeps meaning the procror was bad but i fixed that by heating it up and adding thermel past but now it just turns off randomly any ideas on how to fix it??

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