Are you receiving ant blue screens at all? Any boot up at all?

if that was an overheat problem then it should be clearly logged on those windows logs. Does anybody need to explain how to access to windows logs?

And I don't think this is a power problem. Power problems does not sound like this. Review your logs you could see this overheat warning.

I ran winrar password cracker & my laptop just power off since then. It comes on then power off randomly, even while windows OS is still loading. I have ran in on AC & battery independently, swapped the rams & even uses one at a time, changed Hard Drive. Before formatting many times it was showing I should consider changing my battery but not anymore.
Its Toshiba Qosmio X505-Q885

Pls I really need your help guys, I can't afford another one presently.

My toshiba l740 laptop stops working suddenly might be after 2 hours or 3 hours. Neither the problem with battery nor overheating. Once it goes off it doesn't start. Wondering what might be the problem.

My sumsung pc has been shut down without notice and when I restart it there is no lihgt screen is blank ,worried

Its not the battery because I have the same problem. I don't have the battery in the the laptop & this happens to my Vaio anyway. There is no message, just no notice shut down. Rarly i can get it to boot in safe mode but rarly. While in safe mode l deleted some programs (apps) recently installed, but the same results. In safe mode I can defrag & disc clean but thats it. performing a disc check shuts down the machine. I've noticed that video / photo editing software will not delete. I migrated many files so i can perform a full format, but i ran out of disc space so i'm currently stuck. I dont really want to format C my machine, just a restore with dics proceedure. Using the normal restore point process is a non starter, cause the bug will not allow it.

I reported this problem to you guys about a week ago. I opened my laptop & I discovered the vent on my laptop was clogged with dirt. My fan was blocked from some plastic crap and other non-editable crumbs laying in the bottom of my book bag. I bought a can of air from radio shack and blew clean my machine. I reasemmebled my machine and it worked as it should. I'm not suggesting that anyone do as I did unless they have computer knowledge.

I best not mention that I have sucked dust out of a server with a Hoover before now, lest someone copies me... ;)

It happened with me too and the process of BATTERY CALIBRATION (did it 3-4 times) fixed the issue. The procedure explained below works both in Ubuntu and Windows.

My problem: I bought a new battery. While running my laptop on battery, it used to shut down abruptly (without any warning at 40 percent). There was no heating isuues and the battery was new too.

  1. Charge the battery to 100 percent.
  2. Discharge the battery to the lowest possible extent such that the laptop turns off on its own. You can do this in 2 ways.

    (a)Leaving your laptop on. This may do a little damage to your laptop (when it eventually shuts down
    (b) A safer way is not to let the operating system start at all. Run the BIOS after the laptop starts (can be done by pressing Esc key just after you turn on the laptop. The key may differ on your laptop). Start a process which drains energy out of the battery. I had a hard disk checking test. I used to run it (not for checking the hard disk, but draining the battery completely). You may run a process which is available on your laptop. If the process gets over before the laptop shuts down, run it again (till the laptop shuts down on its own)

  3. WITHOUT TURNING ON THE LAPTOP, charge the laptop by plugging in the power chord into the laptop. Remember, do not turn on the laptop. Leave it for 2.5 - 3 hours (to make sure the battery is fully charged)

  4. Go to step 2 and repeat the procedure 3-4 times. So keep cycling between 2 and 3 (3-4 times)

  5. Now it must have solved your problem of laptop shutting down abruptly. If it has solved the problem partially (laptop now shuts down abruptly at a lower battery percentage), then it means that the steps 2 and 3 have to be repeated some more number of times.

Good Luck.

sound like overheating problem... try to put some heatsink on the processor.. or may be dust on it that cause your laptop shutdown automatically

I have the same problem with my laptop ( Dell Studio 1555).
none of the above items cause my problem which is unexpected switch off. there is something wrong with graphic card and main board.
1.I am using AC and no battery.
2.I am using application called "core temp" which shows cpu temperature but the time unexpected switch off occurs, CPU temperature is below 50 celsius
3. fan is clean and working well
4. no virus in my PC and i dont have double anti virus app or double firewall.

Try keeping laptop over a hight on table so that air circulates freely in the fan this could solve your sudden shutting down due to over heating

its not unexpected if you know you can use it for 15 minutes before it shuts itself down

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