i just bought a barebone and put my old harddrive ram dvd and cd drive into it
had some trouble with the harddrive at first to instal windows xp home
as it turned out it was windows that was messing up but anyway to get to my problem

my system locks up every now and then i dont know what it is related to since it runs fine other times
after the lockup when i reboot i get the CMOS cheksum error message
sometimes i have to reboot a few times since i dont even get that far and im just staring at a black screen
i exchanged the battery with a battery from a old comp ( i know not that great but its the weekend going to try t get a new one)
but a dieing or dead battery shouldnt make my computer lockup should it ?
anyway if anyone has an idea what it could be please let me know
having to reboot my comp between 1 - 20 times in an hour is kinda annoying


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Did you reformat or wipe the hdd and then partition and then install your OS? Or did you just install the hdd straight from the other build?


yea i wiped the harddrive

i also cleared my cmos overnight and now everything seems to be running smoothly havent had a lockup since then


a dying cmos battery can sometimes cause lockups.. but it is usually easy to diagnose b/c it would reset your cmos settings and your system time.

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