Hi All,

ive got a powerbook, now its over two years old, and i never had a problem
with it before (the battery life was going down rapidly and recently i only got about 10 minutes out of it, but thats not the issue im writing here about...)

I was transferring some files between the powerbook and my mac desktop using the airport network, and i heard a bang (not such a loud bang, but loud enough to alert me something was wrong) so i looked over and i see the laptop has switched itself off.

I tried to restart it, but i just get the white screen with the apple and a loading thing. goes on for hours and hours with no change (i saw some other people here have had a similar problem a) and so i tried to reboot from the disk, still nothing - i tried restarting while holding the C key, and still nothing - when i held the D key while starting i was faced with a purely black screen.

Got no idea what to do! if anyone has a suggestion other than throw it out the window i will be eternally gratefull.



lol, ok so i tried again with the C key - and this time i get an error message. the screen stells me i have to restart my computer - and then on top of that i get the error message ,

Unable to find driver for this platform: 'powerbook5,4"

a list of numbers and then

no debugger configured - dumping debug information.

more numbers

and then, kernel version: darwin kernel version 8.7.3 information about some dates. then worryingly the last thing it says is...

panic: We are hanging here

Not sure what it means at all.