:rolleyes: Hello guyz I've bought a board recently with a new VGA. Below are specification:
GeForce 5500

After installing it to my mobo and fix the interfacing of it. My mobo boot smoothly on bios when I've logging in at windows their is no keyboard activity neither mouse activity only is i can view is the login GUI.

I've tested my keyboard and mouse activity and their is move-lity. I've try to reblast the issue by installing it again but the process won't proceed it prompts me that their is no harddrive connected but all my plugin is all in place.

I've figure out that the PSU was locking my recent PSU was 300watts 220v/3.5A was lack so I've decided to replace it by 500watts 220v/6A much higher but the their is another problem my monitor won't display anything I mean pure black. Please somebody reply with this thread i need it badly. please some one tell me what is happening...

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Check the jumpers on the Hard drive make sure all you ribbon connectors are right, red wire to pin one.is the system coming on if so make sure you video cables are connected securely.going to a higher rated power supply won't cause one to stop working there is something as far as a cable or something that simple not right.


My board got busted that's was the initial assumption, I'll try to connect all my hard drive to other mobo then all of them except the motherboard. So i brought my board to the shop for my warranty and they tested and the result is a blackOut board so they replace it, Now it's work smoothly.

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