I have been trying to connect 2 identical INTEX webcams on the same PC and trying to view both the images on a software called Webcam Looker.

The problem is that although both the Webcams are detected by the "Scanners and Camera" wizard in the windows control panel, the software does not detect both of them together. Only one of them works at a time.

I need suggestions as to how i can make both of them work on my PC. I need the software to detect both of them so that i can publish it on a webpage to have access to the streaming remotely.

I have tried various other softwares. One of them even came close to what i wanted. It was called "ConquerCam" but it did not have password protection so useless for me.

Can someone suggest ways to make this happen with my current software or suggest softwares that would detect both of them simultaneously?

Thanks in advance.

if the webcam software doesn't support 2 webcams, you can't do it.

how ever, there are many security surveillance programs that support a lot of webcams.

i don't have any specific program right now, but download.com usually has some good ones.

so check there first and tell use what your results were.