hi everyone im new here.

i dnt know much about ram or computer hardware so be kind lolz

A few days ago i got sum ram its a pc400 512

the ram i got with my comp is a pc2700 drr 333

when i went to the shops to get ram they askd me wat ram i needed i said ddr pc2700 512 they said they dont have that but the guy said that a pc400 will fit so i said okay

so i got it came home opend up the comp and it didnt fit one side clicks in but the other side doesnt.

iv tryd about 2 or 3 times it just doesnt click in. am i doing it wrong or is it just the ram should i take it bak ? please help

thank you to all!!

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if the chip is backward compatible it should work and fit ,make sure you are putting it in the slot correctly, note the pins and the different amount of pins from the gap in the chip and how it is off center just a few pins ,this is the likely reason its not clipping in for you ,

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