I have been ripping my hair out trying to make the bloody sound work on my computer. Running windows xp sp2.

It died on me, so i had to reinstall windows, now everything is working apart from the sound.

When i click on advanced volume controls it comes up wth the message

"there is no active mixer devices avalable. To install mixer devices go to control pannel, click printers and other hardware and then click add hardware This programme will now close"

Along with that annoying computer "beep"

I think my sound card is built into the motherboard

Im not 100% computer literate so step by step help if anyone can?

Thanks to anyone who can help


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Sounds (sorry about the pun!!) that you need to install the sound card drivers.

If the sound card is on motherboard then you need drivers that came with mother board (on CD). If you have not got those then go to board manufacturers website and download from there.

They usually come with an install program. There may be drivers for other on board devices, like network port, USB, etc.

Come back if you need anymore help.


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