I just moved houses and am setting up my main gaming computer right now. As you can guess, its dead. When I press the power button, nothing comes up, no beeps, no fans, no video, nothing. Heres my specs:

Pentium 4 3.2Ghz
2GB DDR2-533 ram
4 Hard drives of various sizes - SATA
XFX 7800GT
520W PSU
2 DVD combo drives

So, after moving, I set it up and everything, and theres nothing. What I've tried so far is reseated everything, taken out and put the motherboard back in after checking the standoffs, checked to make sure all the jumpers are in, all the cables are plugged in also, and dust isnt an issue since I maintain/clean my case every six months. All the capacitors are fine, none are bulging, and and heating isnt an issue because my CPU always runs around 35C. Im guessing something happened during the moving process, but im kinda stumped.

Im posting here because there might be something I missed that I could try, and im kinda in denial about having to buy a replacement cpu or mobo since money isnt exactly in supply for me right now. If theres anything I've overlooked, then could you guys let me know? Thanks.

hi, can you check your power supply connection to the mobo (check the voltage selector at the back of the PSU maybe you have accidentally move it)