Hi, ive got a bit of a list here, all started with a dodgy GPU which i replaced (GeForce 5200FX with GeForce 7300GT). My CDROM doesn't work so i thought id install drivers off the nvidia website. when i restared my OS to activate the new software, i received an error saying some .sys file was corrupt. thats fine, so i stole a mates CDROM and booted from disk (WinXP SP1), ran a repair thru DOS which did not work, same problem still persisting. i tryed restoring BIOS to Default settings and now, the system won't detect my HDD! problem seems to be getting much worse and im a little concerned i may lose whats on my HDD.

- Dual-Core P4 2.6GHz
Any Ideas???

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The first thing I would say is that if your afraid of loosing the information on your hard drive you should back it up before attempting a solution. Sometimes the best solutions go bad. You can buy cases at comp stores that you can plug your hard drive into that will run through any usb port. Second make sure everything is plugged in all the way sometimes things come loose over time without any signs. Then if you can remember the .sys file your missing try to get it from another working system and install it in your operating system where it should be just drag and drop you can do this using knoppix. All you need for Knoppix is a working cd rom. I hope this helps.


ok, i think maybe it was because i didnt uninstall the old video drivers before installing the new one. So now the PC is working, with a new Seagate 250GB HDD set as master, my old Barracuda 120GB HDD is set as the slave drive but is inaccessable! i need to remove important data off here and copy it to the master so i can format the slave and delete the corrupt OS which is still on it. Any idea how this can be done? It doesnt seem to be communicating with the Slave driver very well!

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