I am having a really odd issue with my notebook.......

I was online playing a game when all of a sudden my mouse froze and the screen froze.....every 5-10 seconds I was able to move my mouse and could see the frames on the screen move slightly. I pressed ctrl-alt-del and nothing. I began to press alt-f4 repeatedly and caught it when it wasnt froze...game closed. Windows seemed to be fine so I reloaded the game and was frozen on the login screen....so i though wonderful I got to reinstall the game....

I powered down the computer by holding down the power button walked away from it for a few minutes and returned and attempted to boot. NOTHING. Power lights came on, hard drive spun a sec, CD rom spun. Screen stayed black...so I tried hooking to and external moniter. Notheing, solid black screen as if it wasnt on at all.

I began to try and power the system down and power it on....every so often it woul flash the HP logo and give me a chance to enter BIOS, I tried all options the only one that gives me anything is Start Windows Normally.....Windows Vista by the way.....it goes to the loading screen with a small load progress bar at the bottom and gets stuck...kinda acts like its running in slow motion.

I removed the battery, RAM, and Hard drive replaced them...I am currently testing it with only one stick of ram at a time...it has 2x 1gb sticks in it.

I would chalk it up to bad memory or processor except for the fact that when I shut it down and reboot it takes several attmempts to boot it. I had been having issues in the past that removing power and adding it back fixed but currently any time I boot down it takes 15 - 20 attempts to get the HP Logo and attempted boot again

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Try to download Hiren's BootCD. It contains a lot of programs that can check some devices. If you don't manage to get it; try downloading memtest86+ for sure. This small program checks your RAM to see if it didn't go faulty.

My guess would be a faulty motherboard, something wrong with the CPU chip or a problem with the graphics card. Try booting the computer with only the necessary components and keep adding new ones until it goes wrong.
Personally, but it's just a wild guess, i think your motherboard is fucked up... BUT it could be about anything so keep sorting things out :)

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