i left on a business trip to michigam from indiana and i brought along my labtop. I put it in my bag and padded it with 2 t-shirts (which was all i had to use at the time) when i get off the airplane and drive to my hotel i tried turning on the labtop and NOTHING happened. there was no light and when i plugged in the power cord the light that would normall show that they were connected didnt light up. i tried unplugging the power cord, taking the battery out and none of it worked. anyone know wat the problem could be

Maybe your power cord is not snugly and properly connected to your AC power adapter and your battery is already and fully discharged.

nope tried it.. could it be a motherboard problem? what else could cause all the lights, even the light that shows that the power cord is connected, to not work. most ppl who have this problem had their computer on during a storm but all i did was take mine on an airplane. im thinking a cord inside the computer came unplugged from the motherboard can anyone help ???