Well..I have a dell dimension 9200c..with a TS-L632D slim 8x DVD +/ - RW...with windows vista installed..The problem is I installed a driver for windows XP thinking it was an update but I didnt notice..now it doesnt want to open...and when I put eject it appears "Cd drive is currently in use Save any open files on disc, and then close the files or programs using the files before trying again"

Now it doesnt work and I dont know what to do Id appreaciate any help

it worked before...and I want to boot so that I can install windows again so it can work but I cant do that because it doesnt open or read... what can i do thank you..

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Okay, remove the update or program you have recently installed through Add/Remove.

If you can't find it, run the system restore. Look for the date before it happened.

If you are willing to format and reinstall windows and the cdrom doesn't work. It means your cdrom cable is loose or defective or the cdrom itself is dying. See to it to set the cdrom as first boot in the bios.

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