When i wanna reformat my friend PC i enter the BIOS to set the boot sequence but just enter the BIOS and just want to set the system reboot. I keep on trying but still cannot. WAITING FOR REPLY THX

Press the key to enter the bios. Make and model of the computer?

=.= (erm these i know hehe) when i just wanna to start set the boot sequence the PC keep on reboot. i Try many time still the same. Are the hardware got problem?

Thz for reply

Oh I see, sorry! I think it is from your system memory. Try to clean the module and run it with one module installed.

can i ask..my friend try to replace his hard disk to a new one but he can't enter to bios set up.

tnx for the reply

If it were me I would start replacing hardware if you have any spare parts laying around, usually computers restart when the temperature gets too high or if there is a power failure. So check the fan and the power supply. You could make sure the clips on the heat sink are on tight and not cracked. Make sure the fan in the power supply is running. Are there any beeps?