Been a long time since I posted here So my 3500+ A64 system has died and rather than fiddle around trying to fix it I have decided to upgrade. I would like to have waited for a while to upgrade, but I really need a computer for uni so I need to get this done ASAP. I was wondering if you guys had any thoughts on what I have put together? Have I done anything blatantly retarded? Been out of the scene for a while :P

I am looking to play upcoming games like Crysis and Bioshock on my 2405FWP, which is why I am going for the quad core over an E6850. The mobo I chose because it looks like I will have a reasonable upgrade path with it in the future.

I am just using an 8600GT as an interim card until the next gen of dx10 cards come out. I am a little unsure about 2GB vs 4GB ram. Seems for now on 32bit a good 2GB pair is what you want? I'm not really prepared to run 64bit vista just now to really take advantage of the 4GB.

So here is my list! Any advice/thoughts would be great! Thanks in advance!

Intel Q6600
Asus Striker Extreme
Corsair T2X2048-64C4DHX 4-4-4-12 timings
OCZ 850w gamexstream
8600GT, asus atm -256mb but any point in the 512?
2 X 500GB seagate 7200.10
Vista Ultimate 32bit (upgrading from win2k)

Looks fine but I would stick with nvidia when you upgrade your gpu