It started with one vertical blue line on the screen. A week later I got another one. Later more came , some of them were yellow some were red. It was anoying at first, but I could still use the laptop. Now I have a bunch of lines and two broad bands ,one whitish and the other greyish.
The laptop is unusable unless I plug into an external monitor which works perfectly.

I am almost ready to replace this LP171WX2 (A4) (K3) monitor but would like some input from others if something else could be causing the problem?.
I have disconnected the ribbon cable from the LCD and reconnected with no change.

Thank you in advance for your input.
Cheers Colin :?:

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Hello Colin...My name is Dmitrij and i have the same problem as you....My notebook Toshiba satellite m60-134....display Lp171WX2(A4)(K3)......i would like to replace the screen ...but as i see it is a most common problem....so i am affraid that if i will replace it the problem will occur again....so now i will search for the alternative manufacture...not the lg,philips....if you will solve you problme...i wiil be very apreciate to you if you give me a note about it...
good luck with LP171WX2(A4)(K3)

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