Heya... I have bought a new pc 3 months ago....i do 3d work... well last night i left my pc on for rendering and face the padestel fan toward the casing after than i went to sleep... when i wokeup i saw my rendering was done so i shutdown the pc and start doing my routine...but now today after at least 11 hour when i had time i open my pc ...it started normally ... then after few hour it start making noise....i got afraid and i open my casing every thing was normal ...then again i open my PC but this time the casing was also open so i can see if is anywire in touching the fan and making noise after a while the noise start to come... power supply fan was working rite so was the processor....only one thing was left it was the pcix card fan so i take a cotton bud and put it in the fan as the fan stop for a second so the noise....now comming toward my question that pcix is tottaly new only 2 or 3 months ....why is the fan making noises and it didnt make noise when u start the pc after some hour the noise start ...Also there are holydays in our country and the shop from i bought the pc is closed for 5 day (kinda) ...so can i work on the pc which i still making noise or not cuz there is a heatsink also in the pcixpress card.....i hav a important project to do.....one more thing every thing on my PC is working right expect the noise is comming
(fan is on the heatsink) MSI Nx8600GT
Waiting for ur answer

(sorry for my english)

Maybe the bearings on the fan are going out. (maybe they're just dry) it would probably be best to get a direct replacement unless you are confident enough to replace the fan yourself

As for working with it while it's making noise. You might want to get ntune or something and watch the temperatures to make sure it's not having any affect on the cooling. as long as the noise doesn't bother you it might be alright for a few days. I would still recommend replacing it though.

Thanx Disophisis ...... now the fan noise is stop by itsefl ...when i told the shopkeeper of the noise, he told me when it start making sound again then come to me ....Hopeing it didnt make any noise anymore.....and wishing that nothing happened to my pci card ...anyway thanks for the comment

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