I have been having a problem with the Crosshair motherboard- the BIOS has been able to run twice on two different days- when it is up it sees my drives, processor, I can set settings - everything loks great but when I save and exit I am left with a light show, the fans running, the hddr warming up, the dvdrw flashes for about 8 seconds and then goes off. The last time the BIOS came up, I had turned the PC on/off several times, pressed the delete key several times, checked on other tasks and then about ten minutes later, out of the blue, I heard a post, the monitor turned on, and I entered BIOS.
I have installed an AMD ATHLON 64X2 +6000, GEFORCE 7600 GT, a 160gb PATA drive, 500gb SATA, 4 gb ddr2 800mghz RAM , 600W PSU, AND A dvdrw. I finally have the dvdrw configured as the only IDE device, and the SATA as the only hddr. The short and sweet is the BIOS runs sporadically and I can't get the dvdrw to function so I can load an os. Any help or suggestions I will greatly appreciate.

Motherboard jumpers for FSB speed?

I am not sure how to configure the Front Side Bus jumpers on the motherboard - I am not familiar with several settings and this one of them. ( this is my first build and the first encounter with unfamiliar settings).

Is there anywhere that I can download the mobo manual? I'd want to check a couple of things. Such as how the CPU is powered, what jumpers have to be considered.

If you can sometimes get things running, there is a Windows utility CPU-Z which will provide a lot of info as to what is seen as operating and at what speed. Paerticularly what the dual cores are doing.

Bad power supply?

My machine used to olly boot about 1/3 times - the rest of the time it would just sit thiere, spinning its fans. I replaced the PSU and it went away

I appreciate the input. I don't think it is the PSU because this is a higher end third PSU than the first two I tried.
I came home and cleared the BIOS, it came up and I selected F1. It started into windows, I saw a flash of a bsod and then I had a screen saying windows hadn't started , replace os disk, and then when I did that and turned it off and back on- I get the same problem.

I had a screen saying windows hadn't started , replace os disk, and then when I did that and turned it off and back on- I get the same problem.
Go into the BIOS and make sure the hard disk is set to IDE emulation not SATA mode.

As soon as the BIOS comes up I will try it. I can't seem to catch it on demand.

the bios default on this board is IDE,so if you aren't disabling the bios write protect jumpers you are not making any changes to the bios when you do get in

Hi everone,
I appreciate all the suggestions and tips. I finally pulled everything off and returned the board for exchange, and while this new board will likely be returned, at least when I hit power the BIOS kicks in and display comes up. I still have a pronlem of the pc turning off as soon as it has loaded the files for os installation.