I have a dell xps gen 2, just in the last few days I have been having a problem with it freezing when windows is starting up. It happens just after it loads into windows. The computer will freeze for about 20 seconds, the strange part is that it only happen if the computer plugged into the wall, if it running off the battery this doesn't happen. If I boot into safe mode it doesn't freeze at all even if plugged in. I have tried another A/C Adapter for my computer but the same thing happened.

Check your Power/Display settings to possibly account for the difference in behaviour. I don't think anything's wrong. Something like that.

I have been looking into this problem, more it is related to my video card. As long as I use Dell's drivers it ok, but they are really out of date so I downloaded new drivers and when I install them that when the freezing starts and I also begin getting errors.

Windows crashes and goes to blue screen. the error I get then I go back into windows is

Source: System Error
Event ID: 1003
Error code 1000008e, parameter1 c0000005, parameter2 ba332ad1, parameter3 b6439594, parameter4 00000000.

does anyone know anything about this all I can seem to find is that it is normally related to hardware failure or driver problems. Would like to know if maybe someone as seen this before.

Is there a pressing reason you need to update the drivers?

Looking at the Dell support site, there have been a number of releases (but no later that 09/2005). I'll bet that the Dell download package includes chipset upgrades as well which your non-Dell download may not have.

Does that sort of gell?