For some reason my old HD (40Gig) died and I bought a new one (80Gig) two or three days ago. I plugged it in, created the new partition and formated. But when I tried to install windows 2000 (because it's an relatively old, 1GigHerz Comp), it always says that there is an "error loading Operation System".
Since the Computer is some years old now I figured that it had something to do with the BIOS, so I checked the internet and found out, that Im not the only one with this problem. So here's what I could find out about my BIOS:
Thanks a lot in advance

AWARD MODULAR BIOS v6.00PG, An energy Star ally (blablabla)
P6VXA ve 2.0 04/12/2001 - 694X-686B-P6VXAC-00

System Specs:
80 Gigabyte HD
Pentium III processor (1000 Megaherz)
512 MB Ram
An Nvidia Geforce 2 Graphics Card
Integrated Sound Card
Trying to instal Windows 2K

I think that maybe you'll be missing some info so if some more is required, please let me know.

thanks man, I'll try that now.

Sorry for double posting but for some reason the edit button wont show up.
Anyway, looks like the comp is on it's way to working now, but now it says "NTLDR is missing
Press Ctrl Alt Del to Restart". Ok, I'll check the internet for answers. Thanks again, and obviosuly, if someone know the answer, please tell me :)

if u are getting "NTLDR is missing
Press Ctrl Alt Del to Restart" then there is no operating system, if u did install and get this message your MBR is mess up,

I made the first step of the Windows 2000 Installation (created partition, formated and installed core files). After rebooting the Windows installation should continue, but now it just throws that problem in my face.
Anyway, I have read some ways to solve this problem, but since I haven't even installed Windows completely, I can't fix it.

Anyone able to help?
I'll try installing with another CD, maybe the CD is corrupt or something.

Still can't Edit. I'm really sorry.

Anyway, the problem, even after formatting and reinstalling the core Windows files, persists, so \i wanted to know if there is soemone who could pleaes help me with this. Thanks a lot.

The Tutorials I've read so far aren't of much help, so if someone knows exactly how to solve it, it would be great.

Thanks and sorry.

i am not sure of what type of help u need this time. more details please

and the edit button only last about 1/2 hr or so .

you could try the hard drive manufacture web site for a utility to run and setup the drive before windows install , like maxblast for maxtor hardrive ,they all have one!