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I have a problem with one of my other computers, on bootup im getting the "BOOT DISK FAILURE, INSERT SYS DISC ETC..." message ive run chkdsk /p /r in the windows recovery console using my windows xp cd. After that i was able to use the windows xp cd to boot the computer up so i could get the important files off my pc, i then reformatted and now im trying to reinstall the drivers, and there seems to be a problem with the network drivers, they dont seem to want to install and now i also need to use my xp cd to boot from each time i load windows otherwise i get the "BOOT DISK FAILURE" message. could anyone point me in the right direction as to what i can do to fix this problem, is there maybe a program i could download and run on the machine to fix the boot disc sector? and also, the computer its running on isnt acually mine its a family members computer, i dont know what parts exactly are in it, where could i find out the part information so i could redownload some newer drivers and see if that fixes the network port problem.


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is there a different version of the network driver you could try installing? maybe it doesn't like the version you have.

Or did you already get that part solved?

windows should have a recovery console for repairing installs that you might want to poke around in. I believe you boot from xp cd and choose repair when you get to the install/repair screen.

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