I realize that this is an ongoing issue for alot of people but I need some guidance that I have not been able to locate on this forum.

Yesterday my computer would boot to the screen (XP) where you can select which account to log into. When I selected my account the system booted to my wallpaper image and then froze.

When I tried to reboot it, all I got was a black screen. Nothing on my external monitor either, just a message that said check signal cable. I tried booting with 'esc' and 'F8' to try and get to the BIOS screen but that provided no results either. Just a black screen. The HDD light is on. The fan is on.

I tried to boot with the recovery CD, but that did nothing either.

I removed my HDD and checked it with my desktop as an external drive and it found not problems.

I placed a brand new HDD in the notebook to try to format it and run the recovery CD, but the system will not boot up with the CD either. The power light is on, the HDD light is on, the fan is on, and when you place a CD in the drive the drive light flashes for a few seconds, the disc spins and then the light goes out.

Any information that can be provided will be greatfully appreciated.


Hi again its me...

I just wanted to let everyone know that I was able to isolate the problem and fix my laptop.

The second 512MB memory chip was the culprit. When I removed it, the computer booted up fine without any issues. Just to test it again. I took the other 512MB chip out and replaced it with the suspected bad one and the computer failed to boot.

I swapped them back again (removing the bad one) and the computer booted just fine.

Now I am on my way to the store to get another 512MB Ram chip. The computer is way to slow to run on just one.

Thanks again.....


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