Hello. :)

Recently my PC's motherboard and PSU fried. Long story short: I had to have a new motherboard, PSU and HD fitted.

I use a Digidesign MBox 2 for audio work and it is notoriously thirsty on power. It requires its own USB root hub for power and the most recent version of it is now powered by a plug. Unfortunately this new motherboard fitted by a local company cannot seem to power my one. At first I thought the MBox was fried along with the other components but I tested it on another system and it works fine (phew!).

Is there any way to increase the amount of power going out on USB ports? Digidesign being their helpful self said the MBox doesn't work with powered or passive USB multitaps. :(



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i think u r ups is powering to u r u r sound system as well as u r pc,but normally there wont be any problem like reduction of back up time etc.so first unplug u r pc power connector and sound system connector frm u r ups and with multimetr check its out put vold while it is charging and in backup mode,if out put is less in backup mode some problem with u r ups only

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