i think and this is a guess that the laptop is over heating due to a bad fan.I have the same issue and every now and then it works. i did notice the fan hasnt been running. so maybe for some reason built in the computer is waiting for the fan to kick on before it starts to protect itself from over heating. Just a thought. Havent figured out how to get the fan out yet. maybe just ring out the fan for continuity for a quick check...

for my case the memory slot fault. remove then works :D cheers

most of the time, it's a bad mobo

3 year old thread guys.

I found that the small magnetic switch near the touchpad fails to release when you open the display. This causes the laptop to think the display is still closed and refuses to power on. You can always cut this switch out and never have the laptop go to sleep when you close the display.

i am havin problem with my inspiron 9200, when i turn it on it takes diectly to the f2 or f1 option when i press f1 to reboot it tells me the code pxe/e61, and it doesnt take me any where can you help me.

Tenma Kodomo:
I think you need to check your mother board cell.

At the moment your computer isn't seeing your Hard Disk Drive. There can be a number of reasons for this. But, don't take the "cell" or battery off your motherboard.

What would be very helpful is if you could ask your question in a new post rather than adding to this old and too long thread.

In your new post could you tell us if you have made any changes to your computer recently? Or, has your computer been doing anything strange, such as reporting more errors than normal? Any unusual noises?

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