Hey thanks for readin. I have an hp lap and a hp desktop monitor. I have all necessary plugins such as cord that runs from desktop to laptop for the purpose of display. Now here's when I get lost. What's the next step? I dunno how to get my laptop to recognize that I have this other monitor plugged in here.

Thanks in advance

there is a FN key (in blue) and another key with a shape of a monitor on it (in blue) hold the Fn key and press the key with the monitor icon on it. u might have to do it a few times but pause in between eg hold Fn press monitor key, if nothing show on the external monitor let goo of the keys then do it over.

Ok I got that down. Now how do I get it so my laptop screen displays one thing and this seperate screen displays another? Fot example I'm playing a sims game or something on my external monitor and and I'm surfing for cheats on my laptop screen.

your laptop would have to support the di
ual display feature, go into display setting and go to the settings tab there you should be able to config the monitors if the feature is on the laptop