My little niece dropped my sister's laptop which just our luck is out of warranty. Now I am getting the dreaded PXE errors and the Bios said none for HDD. This is a Toshiba A215 model. I opened the HDD slot and removed and re-inserted the drive firmly. I then booted up and nothing! I went on toshiba and upgraded the Bios, nothing! At this point I looked on the net and saw this pic of the cover open. When the laptop was dropped could one of these cables in the picture below could have disconnected? Are these even for the HDD?

thanks all for your help in advance!


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The hard disk is dead. They are very sensitve and die easialy. You will need a new hard disk + OS , in which case you would probably be better off with a new laptop


the a215 is a fairly new laptop ,so a new hdd drive will be cheaper than a new laptop.and if they made the recovery dvd's when you first got the laptop t you should not need a new os.if it is the HDD!!! also i don't think that those cables are for the hdd.you could take the drive out and using a usb device attach it to another computer and see if it works


thanks guys for your help. I will try the Hdd via usb to see if i could get it to show.

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