few weeks ago, I tried to start up my laptop but it didn't want to boot. I was having the leds indicating battery and power blinking for few seconds but then nothing was happening.
Then, I brought it to a computer service shop where they didn't find anything, but after they re-assembled the laptop it did work fine again.

Today, I started it up and I was reading my email, when it shut abruptly it off.
I tried to start it up, but no life sign whatsoever was given as feedback. The leds are totally black. Nothing happens at all.

I am planning to bring it again to the computer shop, but what might be the cause of this problem and what is the problem?

Note also that I have changed the motherboard about 7 months ago.

Thanks for any help,

Might help if youtold us what laptop model this is. Then we can compare with any known history.

Amilo M1425 doesn't ring any bell as laptop model? :)

It is a Fujitsu Siemens and that is the model.

Thanks - I forgot Amilo was FJ.

Sounds to me like a hard power problem. What happens in the following alternatives:

Battery in - no AC power?

Battery out - AC Power?

Is the AC rectifier block warm?

Is the battery warm?

Are there any LEDS on the battery that indicate charge?

I tried with all combination (battery in, out, power in, out) but nothing happens and as specified in the first message there are no lights, this time.

If AC block cold, then it is faulty and battery is discharged. Was the AC block warm?

The laptop should work without the battery if the AC block is OK.

If the AC block is warm then the problem is on the motherboard, wouldn't you say?