one day i came home from work and my monitor's screen was black and the computer was still on, so i restarted it, nothing still a black screen, so i tried restarting it again nothing, so i opened it and flashed the bios, and it started, that allowed me to go to the bios setup, i exited and let it to continue to load, it got to the windows loading screen and went black screen again, i tried it again but wouldn't even make it past the initinal startup screen couldn't even get into the setup, i left it alone for a couple days, and tried flashing it today and it started let me get into the bios setup but when i continued to let it load windows , black screen, i don't think it's the video card or the ram cause it wouldn't start or show video, i know the monitor is fine, maybe the power supply or the cmos battery possibly ??
or is the motherboard or cpu going ??? anyone have any help i would appreciate it !!,
also when i can get it to say press F1 to continue on the initinal sartup screen after flashing,
i try to put in the windows disc, and as soon as the tray closes, the screen goes black

its an
albatron motherboard kx18d pro r1.05
mobile amd alathon 1200mhz
gefroce 6800
2 512mb ddr ram


Try starting it on safe mode press F8 before windows starts this will by pass the video card and see what happens if starts fine is your video card and lets hope it's not intergraded so you can replace it.

it's not intergraded, it's a GeForce 6800, most of the time it won't even make it to the screen where i can get to the safe mode option

Hey Fisit,
I too have the problem, I dont have to flash the bios however, just simply press F2 at startup to enter BIOS. If I follow those steps I can leave my Satteliet p35-609 up for hours in bios. But like you anything else and it shuts down shortly after powering up. So if you have any news or ideas I would greatly appreciate it