i am having a small problem with my new dual monitor setup. i just bought a pair of lg 22in widescreens on blackfri, and i was quite excited to get them up and running.

im running a core2duo e6400 (clocked to 3.3ghz but running stock atm), 2gb corsair ram, evga7900gs oc, on xp sp2.

when i run them, everything seems fine for about 5-10 minutes, and then both monitors simultaneously lose signal, and i can hear music still playing in the background and i can hear sounds from the computer, but am unable to get it to shut down or sleep, and am forced to hard reset. it should be noted that with this configuartion, if i run only one monitor that everything runs flawlessly. i updated all my nvidia drivers and bios, but nothing helped. after some extensive research, i decided to reinstall an older version of nvidia drivers, and that seemed to work well, with no more problems, except that the drivers were so old that games run noticably worse (im addicted to cod4 now). i did not think it would be so difficult to get dual monitors running on new drivers.

ive searched the past couple of days, and i cant seem to find the answers to my problem, and i was wondering if anyone here could help shed some light on my problem, of possibly offer me a solution. thanks for your time!


have you tried checking the power settings?

could you be more specific? i havent fiddled with any of the power settings on anything. what should i be checking for? im running a 520w corsaire psu, and i didnt consider power to be a factor, because when i reinstalled older drivers it seem to work fine. was i mistaken in ruling this out?

you want to make sure your computer isn't hibernating, though I highly doubt it is. And why should games not be able to run with older drivers?

its not that they dont run, its that they run noticably slower and choppier. although the drivers that i was using are pretty ancient, i might have to find some driver in between that will run games well and support the dual monitor

i don't know what to say. the new drivers should work fine and should have less bugs.