I am a bit of a novice and so will try to explain as best I can
I have installed my drivers for my new MP3 player and the computer has the little symbol at the bottom of the screen saying everything is working correctly.
When I go into My computer to put the MP3s onto the player there is no device there to paste the songs to?
Is there something obvious I am missing or should the computer have the device listed in my computer?
Any help would be great

are you sure there is nothing called something like "Removable disk E"

what MP3 player is it?
what version of windows are you using?

Yeah definately nothing listed in the devices with removeable storage at all. It is a Acoustic Solutions cheapo MP3 player and I am using XP. I think there might be something wrong with the USB ports because I cant use a USB memory stick either- I have just discovered


Yeah, sounds like a bad usb port , i broke mine before when the little tab fell out that stops you sticking things in the wrong way.

Have you got SP2 by the way?

Sorry for sounding thick but what is SP2?

XP service pack two. Most people should already have it, but if you dont update your pc, or are on dial up, you might not. I was just asking as its a pre-requisite for a lot of usb devices

Go control panel -> system

it will tell you there

if its SP2 it says

Microsoft Widnows XP
Version 2002
Service Pack 2

Yes it says Service pack 2 on there


So no usb devices work?

I think maybe you managed to break your USB drivers by installing thr drivers for the MP3 player (generally these are for 98/ME only as on xp its plug and play)

I would uninstall the drivers, and see how it goes from there.
Do you plug in the MP3 player (like a memory stick) or does it have a USB cable that connects your MP3 player with the computer?
Because maybe the cable is broken, it can happen occasionally.

I have tried my Mp3 player on my friends computer last night and it works fine so I think maybe the USB ports are broken on mine. Can you get replacements for them or fix them somehow?
My MP3 player uses a cable to install drivers and then you can just plug in the player to put your music on.

Try opening the drive by using the run option from the start menu.If you have no idea which drive the mp3 player is try typing in all the alphabets you can think of.It should open.

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