Hi I am running openSUSE 10.3 on a Dell laptop. I would like to connect the laptop to a Windows box which has an internet connection. I already have the crossover cable connected to them. Is there a HOWTO or an article someone wrote to do this? I am new to Linux Thaks

You'll want to install something called Samba on your Linux computer -- this allows transmissions over the SMB protocol, Windows' native file sharing protocol. How complicated this will be for you depends on which way you're trying to go: sharing files from the Linux box will be more work as you must setup sharing on Samba. If you're just trying to connect to a SMB share, read up on the smbclient manpage. Otherwise look on a search engine -- there's tons of Samba configuration tutorials available online.

actually YAST has some kind of graphical front end for samba

Hi, I got Samba to work. Now how do I share an Internet connection with my Windows box? I have a crossover connected to the computers. Xp on the computer has has the Internet.

If the windows machine has the internet, you'll need to enable internet connection sharing in windows. This should automatically set the Windows machine's ip to and enable DHCPd, which will automatically issue ip addresses. Just set the NIC on the Linux machine to DHCP, and it should do the rest for you.

I'll try that. I found out in the Linux box I can see the shared folders in the Windows box. But when I open Network Neighborhood in Windows I don't see any shared folders from my Linux box. Any thoughts?

Have you set up sharing from within Samba? Note that you have to manually define all your shared folders from within Samba; it doesn't just magically meld Windows and Linux together on a network.