My dell inspiron 600m shipped with dells bootloader on it, but recently i changed to ubuntu which installed GRUB. Dell includes two FAT partitions, one diagnostic and one recovery. I instructed ubuntu to leave these partitions alone because i wanted to be able to restore my system to windows if i needed to (not sure why, just wanted to make sure that i had a way to return it to factory default), and in the GRUB menu I can select the utility partition but not the recovery partition. Can anyone tell me what is going on? If it helps, the utility partition is FAT16 and the recovery partition is FAT32. How can i get to this partition if i need to?

That partition is in a special format. There is a utility you can download so that the recovery partiiton can be used again if the bootloader has changed.(tapping the F11 key to restore, I beleive), as long as you have not deleted the partition. You'll need to boot into Dos to use the program (DSRfix). I don't think there is any way of accessing the partition except with Norton Ghost, but then all you'd probably be able to do is restore the image to your drive. Hope this helps