My laptop came with Vista basic preinstalled.
Now I am completely switched to Ubuntu.

But for some reason I want vista in virtaul machine.
I am using virtual box.
Since my vista came preinstalled i dont have any installation disc.
But using Create Recovery Disk option in vista i have created on revocery disk as backup.

When try to install this vista in virtual box it says that this computer is not supported.

Any solution?

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Well I guess your not completely switch. I would reinstall Vista and run Ubuntu via Virtual Box since you have the install disks for Ubuntu.

But for some reason I want vista in virtaul machine.

Sounds like your unsure of your reasoning here...


I am fully 100% switched to Ubuntu.
I am just want to have that vista thinkg work on virtual m/c so that i can recover my money which i have invested (yah i know madly) in buying vista.


In this case where you have Vista - pre-installed - I would clear your hard drive then 1. install Vista from recovery disk(s) 2. run scandisk and 3. install Ubuntu, configuring it to dual boot.

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