Hi Guys Gals and those not sure.

I am not sure if this is in the right thread but I am hoping u can help or direct me where I can help.

I have a friend running linux which had a virus hijack her hotmail account and started spamming her friends. She turned to hotmail for advice and they promptly shut down her account without any other correspondence or help

She wants to access or find her contacts list and has been told that there is a file in the system with all these contact on. Is this the case and where can I find it for her.

I hope you guys can help me as I have been chasing her unsucessfully for a while and I am hoping she will be suitably impressed by my programing prowess to overlook my other failings.

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Did she use a mail client (e.g. Thunderbird) or webmail?

If she used webmail, I doubt there will be a local file containing the contacts. I'm not a hotmail user myself, so I can be wrong...


Thanks for the repsone mate, she just used the hotmail itself which is web based I beleive

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