Hy people! =)

I'm really interrested about Ubuntu Studio 10.04, and I really want to install it on my notebook. But, my question is the following:

- I have Windows 7 Ultimate installed, and I was wondering if Ubuntu 10.04 can "see" the Windows's file-system? I have 3 partitions: 1 for Win 7, 1 empty unallocated (here goes the Linux), and 1 for data storage. I want both OS to see and use my data storage partition.
- These file-systems won't mess up things in my laptop, right?

Thanks for helping! =)

If ur data storage is of NTFS file system, then no worries, both Linux and Win can access it.
Linux can access ur Win 7 partition, but u cant access Linux partitions from Win.
And you wont mess up things unless u mess up the partionin while installin linux.

Good Luck.

Hi I would like to know my computer had a virus and now the partitions is gone can Ubuntu 10.04 or Fedora 13 still access the files? Also can Ubuntu 10.04 or Fedora 13 can they see my xp or windows 7 so that I can back fles up for xp or windows 7 using Ubuntu 10.04 or Fedora 13 can I do this? PS my system is NTFS.

I'm new to linux, but as far as I've considered, linux has much more capabilities than windows... The only thing why I didn't switched to linux is that Adobe CS4 doesn'T run neither under crossover, nor wine...
But if your file system is NTFS, linux can see it, even windows-networks. I guess you can back your files up calmly. =)
But that must have been a pretty nice virus, if your partitions are gone! =) Check it under linux also, it may be that it's only a windows virus... =) So then you can only type in the command (Start -> run...-> type in: cmd) and "chkdsk /p /r". =)