i jus installed fedora version 4 ... and I am unable to access any of my windows partion files. I had been using suse 9.3 previously and all of the mounting was automaticly done .. so any help anyone might have would be appreciated

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I am a bit of a linux newb myself having just installed Gentoo.

With Fedora capability to read NTFS and Fat/Fat32 should be compiled into your kernel. If so the mount command should work. First you will need to discover where in the /dev directory your partitions are. Log into the console as root user, or if your in gnome/kde start up an xterm (a terminal window or command line) and type:

su - root

enter the password, then type:

fdisk -l

This should list the partitions in /dev

now you can make a directory in /mnt to mount the partition to:

mkdir /mnt/ntfs

and then mount it:

mount -t ntfs /dev/hda /mnt/ntfs

The /dev/hda bit in the above command depends on the results from fdisk -l use whatever you discover for your system. The ntfs bit could be fat or fat32 depending on how your windows partitions are formatted.

Now to have this mount automatically at boot you can type an entry into /etc/fstab file using a text editor. With the information used previously add a line similar to this:

/dev/hda /mnt/ntfs ntfs defaults 0 0

Save it, and now the ntfs partition will be auto mounted in read/write mode every boot, and can be accessed from /mnt/ntfs

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