I have no one else to turn to and the community of Daniweb is always solving my problems So thanks. My Computer Is Acting Odd, I do Not Know What it is. Mobo not Reading HDD's Sometimes
My Computer is about 4 years old
Mobo : AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4200+ 2.20 ghz
4 GB Of Ram 64 Bit Windows 7
500 Watt PSU

I have two Hard Drives.
225 GB Western Digital
500 GB Hitachi
GeForce 9800 1 gig Video ram

To Narrow it down, I was running before on my HDD 225 GB western Digital however it began to act up and I could not boot from it anymore. It gave me
- Error Reading Operating System
- There was an error starting up

So I bought a 500 GB Hitachi and plugged it in and installed windows 7 no problem. I still can see my 225 GB western Digital and can access it from my 500GB Hitachi however today windows started acting funny so I decided to restart it, when I did. Both HDD's Weren't being read. I pop'd in the Windows 7 Disk Hoping it would let me boot into windows and it did. so here I am. I am wondering what is going on? If its my MOBO failing? (but I have heard Mobos dont begin to fail they just do) My PSU? I don't understand what's causing all of this.

Thank you in Advance.

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Google and get memtest and use it to test your ram as bad ram can write bad data to the hard drive making it look bad!

it may be worth running a disk analyser program like checkdisk to see if the integrity of the disk/s is OK.

in that case your HDD is not recognize the by your MOBO or in the BIOS try repairing your windows. but before that before booting up your MOBO try to go BIOS set up then goto boot priority look their if your is HDD is recognize if so try repair your windows... hope it will work for you...

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