Hi, I am attempting to build a PHP based CMS, and a custom template system, these items I do not believe I would have a problem with. However its about the server environment.

For example

I would want to place instructions in the html code, in the form of html comments, with a php script that runs and creates the data, then inserts it into the html page. However I do not want to do it in the usual smarty or other template ways, which is to have a template file, and a php file that are coupled together, I wish to build an environment.

So going to www.something.com/business/article/11232/myarticle.html

would really start a php script on the server that starts the environment, that I can then use to read the template html is really in the url there.

I believe that this is a rewrite rule of some sort, however all previous attempts of writing them have failed badly :D

I hope I have made sense.

Would anyone be able to offer any advice or generate a rewrite rule, or .conf file? Really any help would be great. Thank You


I have managed to solve this, it was to do with the apache environment, so had to write rewrite rules. Which first loaded the php environment, then this alled for the templates and so on.

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