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Hello Daniweb,

I'm in the process of completely re-doing my home network. On my network I run three servers:

  • Server 1 - Web and Database Server

  • Server 2 - Backups and Other General Home Use

  • Server 3 - Development and Testing

I have previously used Ubuntu Server, and I am currently running 12.04 however I thought I would try a new flavour of Linux and found something called 'EnGarde Secure Linux'.
It has had a wide range of reviews which all seem to support it and give it positive feedback, and I was especially attracted because of the 'secure' Web User Interface which would allow me to quickly modify things whilst still running a headless server.

The issue is I haven't found anything about people actually using it, and certainly not in a commercial environment.

Has anyone ever had any experience with it and what are your thoughts?

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