This is possibly a very strange question, and I'm not sure where to ask it! But is there anyone around that uses a standing desk or a treadmill desk, and can you tell us how it effects your productivity and your typing. Do you make more mistakes? Do you use a tramill when you're thinking, or reading? Does it make you more or less effective? I know it seems like a stupid question, but I am very serious, and very keen to find out peoples thoughts on the matter!

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I've had a desk that could go from sitting height to standing at the push of a button and once I figured out the correct height to have the desk for standing and typing it was great. No adverse affects.
I really don't see how the same could be said for a treadmill desk...
I haven't even heard of them. Do they exist?

Linus Torvalds uses one, but keeps it at 1 mph, otherwise it interfers with his typing and train of thought. Myself, if I want to take a walk, I take a walk... :-)

I cant imagine myself walking while typing, but I guess I would have to give it a try! thanks for the replies!

I have decided to check into some kind of freestanding arm for a monitor and a keyboard, instead of a standing desk or treadmill desk, that way I can just adjust my setup to my current needs. Can anyone suggest any such devices? I know such things exist, as I have seen them before! Any help will be appreciated :)

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