I have a HP Netserver 2000 running SCO UNIX 5.0.6. I get the message: istat=0a: LSS_PAR on ha=1 sist0=41 sist1=00 !!!! dstat =81 on ha=1 has DS_OPC while WAIT DISCONNECT, rp=c014f8co dsp=FD on path=1, newdsp=FD064600 WARNING: Parity Error MSG OUT=00000006 Failed, 1code=80000002 on ha=1 id warning:”RESERVE” command timed out 1201 seconds after start on ha aborting command on ha=1 id=2 lun=0 tag=00 cpu2:istat=0a: LSSn ha=1 sist0=41 sist1=00!!!! cpu2:dstat=81 on ha=1 has DS_OPC while at WAIT DISCONNECT, rp=c014f8co cpu2:on path=1, new dsp=fd064600 I have changed motherboard, tape drive, (2) processors, SCSI controller for tape drive, tape drive software, and memory. The only thing I have not changed is the hard drives. The system freezes up and does not back up. System runs fine during the day. The log time is around 7PM when this error occurs. Does this every 2-3 days. A reboot takes care of the lockup. The above message is on the console. I have Googled parts of the error message and seems to be pointing to a system BIOS and SCSI Symbios problem. Does anyone have any suggestions?

When did this first start happening? Did you change anything around that point?

I don't deal with SCSI and OpenServer directly, but it might even be a termination issue, or something. Have you considered swapping cables, or checking the termination on your drives?

Just a thought.