i have downloaded PCLinuxOs and ChubbyPuppy recently. i was wondering how you would burn the iso as bootable cd. do you need to extract the contents of the file and burn it or just burn the iso file as bootable cd

an iso is a disk image - you DONT just burn the file to the disk in the usual way - the best example would be to say that an iso is to a disk what a zip file is to a directory

I like the free version of "deepburner" for burning isos with (google for it) - start it up and it will ask you what you want to do and you select "burn iso image do disk". its possible to burn isos in nero etc but if you do it this way at least if you have any problems i can help

i already burned the iso file into a disk. the pclinuxos i got but when i boot it. After it gave a series of lines i was stuck in DR DOS A: and I dont know what im going to do next so I thought that I must have done something wrong with the burning.

what software did you burn it with?
try it with the deepburner i recomennded

i just figured out how to burn iso's in nero. yesterday i booted up puppy

i dont like puppy. try the "minime" version of PCLinux i prefer it as it installs mucb less crap by default (1cd)

are you just trying out linux or wanting to install?

for an installed system i dont recommened puppy

yup puppy looks very bad. I already have PCLinuxOS bigdaddy.

im just tryin someof the distro's. dont have my own pc yet(im using my cousin's). il buy hopefully by January.

btw what is the standard keyboard code. when i booted puppy up. iwas given the choice of keyboard. i randomly choose the keyboard. and when i use puppy it seems it wont responce to any of my keyboard input

depends on the dist, do you want the number codes or the letters?

Yeah, when it gives you a choice of keyboard layouts, you need to choose "American English", as that's what the majority of the people are using. If you select anything else, you'll notice that some keys don't work or give out unexpected results. To change the keyboard layout temporarily without rebooting the X server, use this command:

setxkbmap -layout us

You can change it permanently (at least for X) by editing xorg.conf:

Option "XkbLayout"   "us"

It might be difficult to do if your keyboard's set to the wrong layout, though...

i know it annoys me. i have a british keyboard but on the usa one, pipe,slash,hash,@ and quotation marks are all wrong

i feel really stupid when i randomly choose the keyboard. hehehe
there was one setup when puppy ask me if i have a mouse wheel. In my mind i was using an optical mouse. so enetered no. and when puppy started i cant use my mouse and since i enetered the wrong keyboard config. i was not able to do anything.

lol try pclinuxos its good (its a livecd so you can try it out, then you have the option to install) - the newest 0.93a BigDaddy has some nice vista-like effects and loads of software like limewire, bittorrent, openoffice etc.....

did you use bigdaddy in the end?

well i tried it a few times already. but i had problems when i install open office and other software. The os crashes.

im using it as live cd only

thats as when you install sonething onto a livecd, you are installing it into your RAM essentially, and openoffice is a couple of hundred megs worth.