Please anybody,

I need to backup my macbook before I install windows and I have all my windows backup on the same external hard drive, every time I try to back up my macbook, I get a prompt to erase my external hard drive first and it contains all my windows back up since about 3 years, I need help on how to back up on the same external hard drive without deleting those very important files....

Thank you everybody..

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Get a new drive. I believe that the Mac requires the backup drive to be in their format. The Windows backup drive is probably in either FAT or NTFS format (NTFS most likely, depending upon its size).


@addicted...your external hgard drive might be FAT 32 formatted and it has limitation of not holding data larger than 4GB...eg:if a file is 9GB large you can't save it on FAT32 formatted drive.

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