I was trying to install windows on my MacBook and things weren't working during the windows side of the install. After restarting and going to the utility screen by pressing cmd + R, I tried to do a time machine restore, it isn't finding my Mac HD when it asks where I want to restore to. Also in disk utility it says "virtual whole disk" where Macintosh HD usually is. Lastly, when I restart holding option to get the boot menu, the Mac boot option comes up but nothing happens. I stay on a gray screen with a "no solution" logo in the middle. Any advice would be very helpful.

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Please go to disk Utility and select your HD. On the bottom left corner describes the drive. Is it formatted as Mac OS Extended (Journaled)? I think that from the sounds of it , you may of formatted the drive as FAT. This is why you are not seeing a valid boot drive as a mac volume must be AFP (Apple Filing Protocal).
    You got yourself in quite a mess, not a disaster, just a mess and it will take quite a bit of time to fix. You will have to erase your HD and format it as Mac OS Extended (Journaled). You do not identify what OS you are running and this is important.You say that there are no boot partitions showing up. This tells me that you are not running Lion and that you have the OS on a DVD. Format the drive from the DVD and there is an option th restore. Select the option to restore from Timemachine and your system will reload to the last backup.....you do use timemachine, don't you?
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