Hi Everyone,

I really hope one of you is going to come to my rescue -- cos this is driving me bonkers!!

Every since I upgraded to OSX 10.3 from 10.2 I've had email problems.

I can pick up and send emails through my ISP, but not through my own domain (if that makes sense).

To be a bit clearer: my ntlworld.com account causes no problems and I get all the emails addressed to it. But when I try to get at my words4theweb.co.uk account, I just get told that the POP server rejected the password.

Wasn't like that with 10.2. It had no problem with the words4theweb emails.

I've tried all sorts of things. I've been to the host site and tried to sort it out, but drew a blank. You can't phone them, only send in a form through the Helpdesk. Which I did a week ago but got no reply.

If something doesn't happen soon I shall have to drive down and stake out their offices.

Here's fingers crossed that someone can come to my aid!!! I just don't understand why going from 10.2 to 10.3 should do this. Unless it's a coincidence. But it's odd that it's happened on the iMac and the iBook.


What are you using for e-mail? Apple mail? Entourage? Or is it web-mail?
Try checking your account settings (though I'm sure you've already done that a couple of hundred times;))

Some ISP's don't allow 'relaying' - maybe this is part of the problem.

Have you changed any other 'bits' of your network connection at the same time? You know, new router, new ISP etc.

I'm using Apple Mail. And I've checked the account settings over and over. No change there.

The relaying idea is worth looking into. Only thing is, I could get the words4theweb emails on the iBook when it was running 10.2. But since upgrading to 10.3 the password is rejected every time.

I have swapped my old iMac for a G5 iMac. That came with 10.3 and has never got an email from my words4theweb account. But the iBook was picking up from that account -- until 10.3.

Apart from that, everything's the same.

I really can't see how changing to 10.3 could cause all this. If only I could get hold of the web hosts. Perhaps it's something going on at their end.

Ditto all the above. Just registered domain and set up hosting account with godaddy.com. Come to find out, I can't pull mail into Entourage. Multiple calls and complete scan of their support docs shows NO support and no clue as to how to address it. Their tech support guy even told me he has the same problem on his computer, and has no idea -- and his boss has no idea -- how to solve it. He suggested I use their web mail utility. Great. Now I have to go to two separate email clients -- the web mail sucks, no matter who does it -- to manage my business-related e-mail. I suspect I won't get that much e-mail traffic, or I would cancel my hosting and move elsewhere. If they know of this problem, why do they not note it right up front, BEFORE people register and host? That's deceptive, in my book. Sadly, neither Apple nor MS offers any help at their online support sites. Would love to learn of a real solution, but still waiting.

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